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Colorful Luggage That Will Stand Out on the Baggage Carousel

Why is everyone so obsessed with black luggage?

Traveler luggage / Photo: mimagephotography/Shutterstock

I’ve spent many hours staring at baggage carousels, waiting hopefully to see my suitcase emerge from those black rubber flaps, behind which baggage handlers hold all the power in either adding to a traveler’s stress or kicking off a trip on a positive note. As a result, over the years I’ve developed myriad thoughts while viewing the luggage parade that groans its way around a conveyor belt—and chief among them is: Why is everyone so obsessed with black luggage?

Black is without question the most popular luggage color. Not unlike white for rental cars, black shows the least wear and tear in luggage, hence its popularity. But if you’ve ever watched as someone grabbed a heavy black bag off the carousel, almost knocking down one or two people in the process, only to realize it isn’t their black bag and must be hoisted back onto the belt, then you recognize both the dilemma and easy solution for every traveler. Purchase a suitcase you can instantly identify, in a color you actually love.

Brands are offering a variety of suitcases in bold, look-at-me shades. As summer nears, why not change things up from basic black to a brilliant hue? Here are five new styles, each in a shade that’s not only sure to stand out amid that sea of black, but also could easily be inspired by a favorite convention destination.

When Your Next Trip is Honolulu

Bric’s B/Y Ulisse 30″ Expandable Spinner / Photo: Courtesy of Bric

Bric’s B/Y Ulisse 30″ Expandable Spinner

In 2019 Bric’s introduced B/Y Ulisse, designed for consumers seeking pieces with more of an urban vibe. The graphic motif is inspired by Italy’s metro lines. Color is also key to the designs, which include Petal Pink and Mango, while the newest shade is Electric Blue. Constructed of durable polypropylene, this Expand-able Spinner is ideal when you’re traveling to Oahu
or any destination known for its azure waters. The two-compartment interior comprises a fully zippered section and another with a holding strap. Other details include a telescoping handle and an exterior zipper that expands the case up to two inches. Matching blue insets on the double wheels are proof that Bric’s put thought into its cases.
$558, at

When Your Next Trip is Anaheim

Calpak’s Hue Large Luggage in Poppy / Photo: Courtesy of Calpak

Calpak’s Hue Large Luggage in Poppy

Calpak was founded in Los Angeles in 1989 with the intent of offering affordable luggage with a splash of fashion styling. The brand’s Hue collection includes this brilliant Poppy shade, a color that’s decidedly happy in feel, so why not choose it for a trip to Anaheim, home of Disneyland, orange groves and one of the top-20 convention centers in the U.S.? This Large checked style in the eight-piece Hue collection is crafted of polycarbonate, stands 30 inches tall and boasts a roomy 110-liter capacity. Features include an exterior zipper that expands the case up to two inches, four spinner wheels, and TSA-approved locks, while its neon pigment is sure to announce itself on the baggage carousel.
$275, at

When Your Next Trip is Denver

Level8’s Textured Check In 24″ / Photo: Courtesy of Level8

Level8’s Textured Check In 24″

While the official color name of this Level8 case is Olive Drab, its vivid green hue instead conjures images of verdant hillsides—which might inspire thoughts of Denver, one of the greenest cities in the U.S. That status isn’t solely related to the Mile High City’s love of sustainable practices; it also boasts one of the largest park systems in America, with 14,000 acres of parks in the surrounding mountains. This Check In is crafted in polycarbonate embossed with a diamond-shaped texture that’s meant to minimize scratches, while the fabric-lined interior features a mesh pocket divider, two zippered pockets and two straps. The spinner wheels, meanwhile, were designed to traverse everything from airport floors to rocky paths and cobblestones with ease.
$199, at

When Your Next Trip is Las Vegas

Samsara’s Carry-On Yellow / Photo: Courtesy of Samsara

Samsara’s Carry-On Yellow

Yellow is the color lately finding its way into a variety of luggage collections, and among the best is this Samsara Carry-On in an electrifying yellow that’s ideal when you’re headed to Las Vegas, consistently ranked among the top-five convention cities in the U.S. This makes a case that evokes thoughts of the desert summer sun only appropriate. Crafted of polycarbonate on a recycled aviation-grade aluminum frame that enhances durability, this 21.4-inch carry-on weighs nine pounds and features AirTag technology, matching 360-degree spinner wheels and TSA-approved combination locks. A flat-top surface is a bonus if you need an instant workspace while waiting at the gate.
$355, at

When Your Next Trip is Miami Beach

Steamline’s The Entrepreneur Pink Check In Spinner / Photo: Courtesy of Steamline

Steamline’s The Entrepreneur Pink Check In Spinner

No piece of luggage evokes thoughts of the pastels of Miami Beach’s historic Art Deco District like this collection by Steamline, christened The Entrepreneur. Crafted of pink vegan leather with straps and handles in cream-hued vegan leather, each style also features a blue and white striped lining. The largest of the collection is this Check In Spinner, which includes a telescoping handle, four spinner wheels, a detachable hanging organizer with zippered pockets, and a striped cover that matches the lining, ensuring the pink exterior will look pristine when you check in at the National before heading to the Miami Beach Convention Center.
$595, at