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Tim Storey: ‘The Miracle Mentality’ for a Better Planet

Four ways to change our habits

by Tim Storey

April 20, 2023

Tim Storey / Illustration: Joel Kimmel

As someone who has traveled to more than 75 countries, I have witnessed the beauty of the world and met many amazing people. Earth is a magical place—it sets the conditions for daily life and is a source of beauty and joy. It is essential that we take care of this magical place in the same way it takes care of us.

My book The Miracle Mentality is about helping readers recapture the childlike wonder and magic of life we experience in our youth. As we face life’s challenges, it’s easy to lose that sense of wonder. However, it is possible to rediscover the magic of life. These moments or events are like unexpected gifts, such as breakthroughs, miracles and blessings that can come in the form of love, friendship, ideas, financial and personal growth and opportunities in partnership, family or business.

What is true in life is also true for the environment. Just as we can set the conditions for the magic in life, we can also do so for the Earth. Our actions matter, and our daily habits have an impact. By shifting our habits, we can make a positive impact on both our lives and the environment. Adopting an eco-conscious mindset, by learning and being proactive in protecting our environment through our daily habits, can foster a greater sense of awareness and responsibility. This shift can help preserve not only the environment but also one of our greatest assets: Earth. Here are steps to help regain the magic of the Earth and cultivate an eco-conscious mindset in our daily lives.

Step One: Become Awake

Being awake means being aware, knowledgeable and attentive. It is crucial to understand what is happening to the Earth and the impact we have on it. Take a moment to look at what is in your trash can. Consider whether the contents are contributing to the preservation of our environment. Educating ourselves and staying informed about environmental issues is essential to make more conscious decisions.

Step Two: Take Inventory

Taking inventory of our daily habits and consumption is the first step to making a positive impact. By creating a checklist of reusable and recyclable items, we can make changes that have a big result.

Step Three: Declutter

To make more conscious choices, we must declutter our daily habits and reduce consumption by opting for sustainable alternatives. Switching from single-use paper plates to compostable bamboo plates is a small step toward sustainability. While paper plates are convenient, they are nonrecyclable and contain chemicals that can contaminate the environment.

Step Four: Partner With the Right People

Clutter can often result from unhelpful voices. Partnering with like-minded individuals who share our values is essential. This includes collaborating with environmental organizations, forming partnerships with sustainable businesses and advocating for industry-wide changes. Look for companies prioritizing biodegradable ingredients and recyclable or compostable materials. Check your packages for biodegradable peanuts, compostable envelopes and containers with recycling codes.

These small steps can make a big difference in cultivating an eco-conscious mindset. This involves an awareness of our impact on the environment and a willingness to make choices that minimize that impact. To restore the wonder of our world, we must become aware, declutter and partner with like-minded individuals. By seeking sustainable alternatives and promoting environmentally friendly practices, we can preserve the natural world for future generations.

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, life strategist and counselor. His book The Miracle Mentality provides a road map to help renew the mind. He has been featured by Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Today. Storey is the host of The Daily Moment on ReachTV, the airport television network with screens in 90 commercial airports, and will soon cohost the podcast Never Alone with Deepak Chopra.